Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What is Antifa?

Antifa, short for anti-fascists, is not a concrete group, rather an amorphous movement. Some in US media believe that it has an organised international background. Few observers term it a terrorist organisation, though terrorism itself is a vague term. Anti-fascists of the movement tend to be grouped on the leftward fringes of the US political spectrum, many describing themselves as socialists, anarchists, communists or anti-capitalists.

While an anti-fascist movement can be traced back to Germany and Italy before the second world war, the first US group to use the word "Antifa" in its branding was the Rose City Antifa (RCA) founded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, though many groups have held anti-fascist ideology in the US for decades without using the branding.

RCA and other groups like it made it their goal to disrupt - violently if necessary - meetings and organisational efforts of white supremacists and their ilk.

One such effort, in 2012, saw Antifa adherents brandishing hammers, baseball bats and police batons storm a Chicago-area restaurant and assault members of the white supremacist Illinois European Heritage Association gathered there. Five of the attackers received prison sentences for their roles in the melee.

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