Monday, April 20, 2015

Land Use in India

Land use in India

   Total area20143 287 260km2
   Density of population2011361.8persons per km2map
   Total area per 1000 population20112.8km2 per 1000 populationmap
Land area20142 973 190km2
   Land area per 1000 population20112.5km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Land area (percentage of total area)201490.4% of total areamap
Water surface2014314 070km2
   Water surface per 1000 population20110.3km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Water surface (percentage of total area)20149.6% of total areamap
Agricultural land20071 799 000km2
   Agricultural land per 1000 population20071.5km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Agricultural land (percentage of total area)200754.7% of total areamap
   Agricultural land (percentage of land area)200760.5% of land areamap
Arable land20071 586 500km2
   Arable land per 1000 population20071.3km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Arable land (percentage of total area)200748.3% of total areamap
   Arable land (percentage of land area)200753.4% of land areamap
   Arable land (percentage of agricultural land)200788.2% of agricultural areamap
Permanent crops2007108 500km2
   Permanent crops per 1000 population20070.1km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Permanent crops (percentage of total area)20073.3% of total areamap
   Permanent crops (percentage of land area)20073.6% of land areamap
   Permanent crops (percentage of agricultural land)20076.0% of agricultural areamap
Permanent meadows and pastures2007104 000km2
   Permanent meadows and pastures per 1000 population20070.1km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Permanent meadows and pastures (percentage of total area)20073.2% of total areamap
   Permanent meadows and pastures (percentage of land area)20073.5% of land areamap
   Permanent meadows and pastures (percentage of agricultural land)20075.8% of agricultural areamap
Forest area2007677 598km2
   Forest area per 1000 population20070.6km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Forest area (percentage of total area)200720.6% of total areamap
   Forest area (percentage of land area)200722.8% of land areamap
Other land2007496 592km2
   Other land per 1000 population20070.4km2 per 1000 populationmap
   Other land (percentage of total area)200715.1% of total areamap
   Other land (percentage of land area)200716.7% of land areamap
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